Thursday, August 25, 2011

We'll miss you Nan

It's often said we all have to die someday, and I guess by the time 98 comes around your chances are much higher,  BUT it was still a shock to get the call yesterday that nan had passed away.

My mother in law had just been saying how much nan would grumble if she came through this again, why didn't you let me go, she would say, and in reading this is sounds so sad, but you have to imagine fiesty Nan with a really strong tone of voice, and I can also see her finger waggling.

When my father in law passed away just a few months ago unexpectedly she said it should have been me, but though I miss him, I wouldn't trade at all, and the special visit she had with bubs a month or so ago was sooooo special, I like to think she waited for him and for her daughter to come home after being able to have her holiday away.

I miss you nan, I feel saddness that we couldn't come to see you more, one of us always seemed to be sick and we didn't want to give it to you, seems a bit pointless now!

But I am so grateful

Grateful for the visits we had to you in the home, when Flannel jumped on your bed and did transformer moves for you in the middle of the floor!

Grateful for the cats he kept spotting out the window!

Grateful for the tea cup that always reminds me of you when we have 'high tea' like we did just on Monday afternoon with friends!

Grateful of the special nan you have been for Nige, he will miss you so, even though he is relieved for you, that you didn't have to suffer too long!

Grateful for your spirit,"how are ya nan?"  "Terrible!!" you would always say, but still laugh and enjoy the kids!

Grateful for your love of chocolate and chocolate biscuits and adversion to veggies!  (Nige still can't believe you used to make him eat his when he came to stay, and you didn't eat yours!)

Grateful that you were still so aware right to the end, not getting confused but knowing just who we are!

Now you can be back together with George again after such a long wait.

We love you Nan!

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