Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AND we're off 50 meals in one day mmmmmm, well maybe . . .

The shopping is done

Well the veggies and meat at least, I've never brought so much meat at one time, 5 kilos filled up a normal size shopping bag half way, and three kilos of chicken too, but not to expensive, so we'll see!

I'm a bit of an excel-a-holic, I LOVE those auto sums I have to say, if I can find a way to use charts to help my life well then I will!!!

So 8 recipes later all the ingredients tallied on a chart I discovered almost every recipe had onions!!

26 onions to chop tomorrow (only two done so far, I think I might borrow my husbands dive mask! My eyes are welling up just thinking about it!)

21.5 Carrots ( I brought the cheap HUGE ones, less peeling and cheaper!!!!)

2 whole celery (Due to a recent obsession with the Wonderpets Flannel has decided he LOVES celery though he won't actually eat it!!

I'm not quite sure what has possessed me but hopefully it will work, this is only my second time trying the meals for a month thing, but this time I'm using all of my recipes rather than the ones from the book which should help and I've roped in my mum on promise of some meals for her freezer too so we have about 2 hours while Flannel is at kindy to get it all underway!  

I got a bit enthused tonight and made the burger patties, MAN who knew mince could be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold to work with your hands especially 3 kilos of it, plus the sneaked in carrot, onion and every type of sauce I could find in the cupboard, 

I even measured it

And weighed each burger patty as I went, 

Got a good 36 altogether which is quite a few meals even for my BURGER CRAZY family, lets just say we rarely stop at one tee hee!

Well I'd better get an early night of it,

Tomorrow is gunna be exciting, 

Will I really make the 50 meal challenge???

Will we really eat all the meals I cook???

Which one will I stuff up and then have to eat 8 meals of over the next few weeks???

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm stay tuned!!!

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