Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love my boys!

After a day of challenge!

Not feeling well at all yesterday afternoon, to not to bad today and then braving a two hour show with Mr very tired 4.5 and bubs and sleepy husband (and also amazing friend to help balance it out lol!

The show was great,

My boys were tired,

BUT they did it for me!

They came to a show, all the way in town (on very hard pews!!  Hubby told me a few times tee hee), super difficult to find parking and a little bit expensive but despite all that they came.

When ever I joined in the singing I did get a gentle shushing from Mr 4 however!  This is a show to watch not sing along with was his tone! 

I guess he enjoyed telling me to be quiet for a change!

The day continued with a few dramas, one of the funnier ones Mr 4's foot slipping down between the pews and having to be carefully turned around to get out during the final song, hubby falling asleep in the second to last song, while holding bubs (also asleep)

And if fact I don't want to remember a few of the other challenges we faced at bedtime, but despite having to read the riot act and walk away for a while (thankfully hubby also knows when I'm reaching my end)  Mr 4 came back

"I want it to be a mummy day, will you read me a story"

So we ended the day on such a beautiful note!

My boys,

All of my boys,

Make my heart swell.

I am so unbelieveably blessed with a wonderful family, a family that loves and cherishes each other and the Lord!


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