Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jungle Madness - Mural time!

Looking in on Bubs room I remembered my goal for his room!

That's the trouble with the internet lol! 

Tooooo many fun ideas! 

I read a comment from a lady talking about going to the trouble to buy a projector from a store with a return policy to make a mural and then I remembered we have a projector in the lounge mmmmmmmmmm maybe I should use it!!!

After many days/weeks/months deliberating
I finally decided that if I was contempleting taking the wall paper off the walls to be able to paint a mural then I really wasn't tooooo worried about the newspaper so why not paint on it anyway lol!!  So began the fun time of my holidays! 

So here is stage one of probably a three stage jungle mural, lots of fun and it came out quite well too!

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