Sunday, August 28, 2011

Questions I'd want my cat to answer . . . . . .

Dear Bekho,

1. Why did you decide that today just after it hailed to sneak out between my legs? 
2. Why did you look and me through the window and then run away again?

3. Why did you wait till Nigel was already on his way home to find you to come back and see me?

4. Why did you decide that my morning would not be complete without some extra excitement?

5. Why do you love the only chair your fur sticks to sooooo much?

6. Why do you love to sleep on the babies change table? 

Though I don't know your answers I do know this 

- I really enjoyed crunching in the hail and breathing the crisp morning air!
- Seeing you out the window lessened my worry you were gone forever and had run far away!
- I felt quite proud of myself, that I had rescued you ( well at least you came back! )
- It really was a bit more exciting than the dishes and washing!!
- Now the chair is soooooo comfy, who could blame you, I have to fight to get it myself 

BUT the baby change table you're on your own there buddy!!!

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