Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phew that was A M A Z I N G!!!

Just home from an AMAZING conference, 
I know it was great because I AM STILL Buzzing

And I pity the people who I've met since, 
they've been experiencing a bit of an ear bashing lol!!

So many ideas, but amazingly they all seemed to link together and even more exciting I could see so many links to faith.

With so many secular speakers it was amazing to see the biblical basis for so many parts of it and the growing importance of a moral code in the way we look after kids!

It was mentioned that we often don't realise we hold certain beliefs and have to be aware of them in order to see how they effect our expectations and attitude.
How calming it was to KNOW that so many of my beliefs are steady, strong and clear in my mind because of my faith.


the most important
and exciting part of the weekend for me was the value of the KIDS in education!

Over and over it was stated,

"if you don't LOVE teaching and LOVE the kids then DON'T TEACH!"

"I teach because I love the kids!"
"the kids are the most important"

"I want my school to contain happy, smiling kids who want to be at school"

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