Monday, August 19, 2013

I love my job, but sometimes I don't let it love me back!

As I sit here I should be marking books, yet instead I'm listening to the exciteable chatter of students outside my room!  I love my job, but I think more than that I love the kids I get to teach everyday!

I love their joy when the learn something new,
I love their enthusiasm for some new topic
I love the way they ask about partner dancing lesson and grown when I say thanks for reminding me!!  Even through they secretly enjoy it!
I love their smiles, their thank yous, (even if not as often as I might like :0) )
And I love my work mates


Sometimes it is hard work, in fact most of the time it is pretty busy something always pops up, and it's so hard to let things go, to not wake up in the middle of the night remembering something I was meant to have done.

I don't let it love me back I guess means I don't take the time to think about what went well.

The sucesses, the triumphs, even the challenges overcome tend to be over shadowed by the next thing that has to be completed.

So I guess todays the day I am going to stop and take the time to let my job love me back!

The rewards are worth the time and effort, the sucesses are worth celebrating, and I'm grateful for the support my family and my father in heaven give me everyday to get through to the next!

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Bag for the iPad!

I've never been one for actually using a handbag, but when I saw this cute tutorial for a messenger bag I just knew I had to make one!

I have been thinking that a cute iPad bag would be just the ticket for school so that it doesn't have to be get shoved into the laptop bag and thankfully this one worked out GREAT!!

Now mine does look a little different, the tutorial is designed for a little girl so I lengthened the strap so that I could wear it as a messenger bag!  I also had real trouble finding something to make the ruffle out of so in the end I didn't!

Buttons I had so buttons became the embellishment of choice!

Now my button brainwave was to carefully glue down all the buttons with a little craft glue before sewing them on, I have done buttons before and taking them all off and then working out where they went back to was a real challenge!  

1. Layout your buttons until your happy!

2. Make sure to keep enough distance from the edges for when you sew the two flap pieces together.

3. Glue down the buttons, making sure not to glue near the holes you will be sewing through.

(The glue wasn't perfect a few buttons tried to pop off but most stayed put!
I didn't glue on the little buttons as I was careful not to glue in the areas I would be sewing through as the needle tends to get to sticky and then you can't sew anything!!)

4. Sew on your buttons, I used a cross pattern and started a the bottom of the design to try not to put to much pressure on the glued buttons!

5. Don't tie off buttons in-between, just move on to the next one until you run out of cotton!  I left long strings to knot later rather than turning it over as the buttons didn't like that so much!

I also used sweat shirting material to line the bag as I wanted a really nice soft layer to help protect the iPad and add a bit of padding!

Now if only I had taken the time to wash my fabric first lol!  The dye in this fabric is so strong I often had purple fingers just trying to work with it so the first wash will be interesting to say the least, but I still love it and I know I'll use it as many times as I can before I wash it just in case it loses all its shape and color! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easter Cupcakes . . . Just because!


We were heading down to Grandma Hark's just after easter and wanted to take her a treat so out came the left over easter treats and coconut, what could go wrong!!

Sprinkles, Chocolate pebbles, Coconut and Tiny Chick Chocolates that look like half an egg when un wrapped!

All held together with some lemon butter icing on some plain cupcakes!

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

I was so excited to have the priviledge of putting together a baby shower for my lovely sister to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first child!!  (Though I really think we should be allowed to have baby showers for EVERY baby not just the first one!!!! They are such a special chance to celebrate mum and baby!)

  Well my sister has loved Winnie the pooh for ever so when I saw an amazing photo of a Hundred Acre Wood themed party and realised I had just brought her a Winnie the Pooh duvet cover for the single bed in the babies room it was a NO Brainer!

SO on to Pinterest the Quest began finding many SUPER ideas to try!

One of the fun things we did were Beehive Cupcakes from this awesome tutorial on the Disney Website here!

Cutting the jelly beans was a challenge, but we got there in the end, from some reason the black jelly beans kept cracking while the yellow ones cut quite nicely!  The sliced almond wings worked a treat too!

To create an atmosphere I loved the idea of setting up targeted areas rather than trying to decorate the WHOLE room so we had the food and decoration table, it even had my gift for Sissy as decoration!!  The duvet cover was the best idea that happened by accident and she can use the cover in the bubs room later too!

Heaps of fun and the begin of a new era in party planning lol!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bubbas big move!

It's been a while, but I'm back!

As Christmas comes ever closer, the days seem to get shorter and then there seems to be sooooooooo much more to be done!

So here is a fun chance to step back and focus on something fun

A few weeks ago Bubs moved into his big cot and big brother flannel wanted to help!

We started with two animals, then a few more, and a few more and . . . . . . .

Posing for the camera, this used to be my cot ay mum!

 Mmmmmmmmmmm I love this astro boy mum, very delciouso!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Somedays tired doesn't even come close!

Wishing the work was done,

Knowing it won't do itself,

So sitting here procrastinating,
Work still not getting done,

So tired kinda feel like I'm in a dream already!

Someone said last week after hearing bubs having a good old bawl about something

"I wish we could do that!"

And today I wish that too

Still tired, 

Still not any further forward,

Still have a mile long list,






Wish this was me!!!

Yawn . . . . . and the list is just getting longer . . . . . . .

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love my boys!

After a day of challenge!

Not feeling well at all yesterday afternoon, to not to bad today and then braving a two hour show with Mr very tired 4.5 and bubs and sleepy husband (and also amazing friend to help balance it out lol!

The show was great,

My boys were tired,

BUT they did it for me!

They came to a show, all the way in town (on very hard pews!!  Hubby told me a few times tee hee), super difficult to find parking and a little bit expensive but despite all that they came.

When ever I joined in the singing I did get a gentle shushing from Mr 4 however!  This is a show to watch not sing along with was his tone! 

I guess he enjoyed telling me to be quiet for a change!

The day continued with a few dramas, one of the funnier ones Mr 4's foot slipping down between the pews and having to be carefully turned around to get out during the final song, hubby falling asleep in the second to last song, while holding bubs (also asleep)

And if fact I don't want to remember a few of the other challenges we faced at bedtime, but despite having to read the riot act and walk away for a while (thankfully hubby also knows when I'm reaching my end)  Mr 4 came back

"I want it to be a mummy day, will you read me a story"

So we ended the day on such a beautiful note!

My boys,

All of my boys,

Make my heart swell.

I am so unbelieveably blessed with a wonderful family, a family that loves and cherishes each other and the Lord!