Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

I was so excited to have the priviledge of putting together a baby shower for my lovely sister to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first child!!  (Though I really think we should be allowed to have baby showers for EVERY baby not just the first one!!!! They are such a special chance to celebrate mum and baby!)

  Well my sister has loved Winnie the pooh for ever so when I saw an amazing photo of a Hundred Acre Wood themed party and realised I had just brought her a Winnie the Pooh duvet cover for the single bed in the babies room it was a NO Brainer!

SO on to Pinterest the Quest began finding many SUPER ideas to try!

One of the fun things we did were Beehive Cupcakes from this awesome tutorial on the Disney Website here!

Cutting the jelly beans was a challenge, but we got there in the end, from some reason the black jelly beans kept cracking while the yellow ones cut quite nicely!  The sliced almond wings worked a treat too!

To create an atmosphere I loved the idea of setting up targeted areas rather than trying to decorate the WHOLE room so we had the food and decoration table, it even had my gift for Sissy as decoration!!  The duvet cover was the best idea that happened by accident and she can use the cover in the bubs room later too!

Heaps of fun and the begin of a new era in party planning lol!

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